What Are The Best Cycling Bets To Make?

Did you know that the type of cycling bet you make can seriously impact your overall profitably and your win rate? To help you improve your gambling results we are going to show you the best cycling wagers. Let’s get started!

Race Winner

In this style of wager, all you need to do is predict the winner of the overall race. In multi-stage events like the Giro or the Tour de France, you aren’t worried about the results of individual stages. You only care about who ends with the Yellow Jersey and has the lowest overall time after all 21 stages are completed. Race winner wagers are incredibly popular; you can make this bet on every single cycling race. This is a very beginner-friendly wager but still offers competitive odds!

Stage Winner

In multi-stage cycling events such as the Tour de France, you are going to notice that the overall race winners may only win 1 or 2 stages but still manage to win the entire race. Individual stages are won by a variety of different riders and with this wager, you can attempt to predict who will cross the line first. This is a great bet if you are looking for faster-paced action as the race winner is going to be decided in a few hours. When making this wager you need to analyze the type of race it is and then pick a rider who is in good form and excels in that particular terrain. For example, if it is a rugged mountain stage there is no point in betting on a sprinter to win.

Team Winner

In cycling, riders are a part of teams and they work together to help their star rider win. A champion cycler is only as good as his teammates who need to protect him and carry him around the race. In cycling teams also rack up points based on how high the riders of the same team place. With this wager, you can predict which team will win the competition and be crowned the best team of the race.

Best Sprinter

In cycling, there are riders who specialize in sprinting incredibly quickly over short distances. These sprinters will be brought to the front of the race by their teammates and then with a few hundred meters to go are going to launch their attack and sprint ahead of the pack and try to win the race. During big cycling events such as the Tour de France, there will be a number of stages that are designed for the sprinters to show their skills. You can bet on which sprinter will rack up the most points and win coveted Green Jersey.

Best Mountain Climber

Just as there are riders who specialize in sprinting there are also cyclists who are masters at climbing mountains. These mountain specialists are able to ascend steep slopes at incredible speeds and leave their fellow professionals gasping for air. The best mountain climber in the Tour de France is awarded the Polka Dot Jersey. To win this jersey a cyclist has to collect points by crossing different mountain tops in the first place. You can gamble on which athlete you think is going to be the best climber. Riders from Bolivia tend to be naturally amazing climbers as they live at high altitudes so if you are looking for an underdog to gamble pick a cyclist from Bolivia.

Time To Try Out Some Cycling Bets!

Now you know what the best cycling bets are, it is time to put some money on the line and win big! All you need to do is sign up at an online sportsbook, pick a race, choose your bet type and pick your favorite rider. Good luck!