How To Make Money Gambling On Cycling?

Cycling is an amazing sport that also happens to have some great gambling markets. However, if you don’t have a winning strategy you won’t be able to cash out any of your wagers. To help you get started we are going to show you some tips and tricks which will help your cycling betting win rate. Let’s get started!

Pick The Right Cycling Race

If you want to place winning wagers you need to find the right race to bet on. The trick is finding a race that has extensive markets so you have the flexibility to make a variety of bets. You also need to find an event that has generous odds so you have a good chance of earning a big return. We recommend you bet on the Paris-Roubaix which is a single-day event that sees the best riders in the world racing along cobblestones, dirt, and winding roads. Upsets regularly occur in this event so you earn a juicy return by backing some underdogs to win.

Select Your Tactic Type

Sportsbooks have great cycling markets and let you apply a whole range of tactics. The common cycling strategies include:

  • Stage winner – Predict the winner of an individual event during a multi-stage event like the Tour de France.
  • Race winner – Gamble on which rider will win the entire race!
  • Classification – You can place money on which rider will be crowned the best young rider, sprinter, or mountain climber.
  • Team winner – Predict which cycling team will score the most points and be awarded the team trophy.

All of these strategies can offer great value if you do your research but typically gambling on stage winners offer the most value. This is because stage-winner wagers are hard for the sportsbooks to handicap so you can find generous odds and upsets often occur.
We recommend you find a stage that is flat and then bet on one of the in-form sprinters to take out the race. You can also find a stage that is slightly hilly but not a mountain stage and gamble on a breakaway specialist to win the event. As long as you study each event and carefully choose your wager type you can place profitable bets no matter what type you select.

Choose Your Wager Size

The last step to making winning wagers is selecting the amount you wish to bet. The size of your prediction should be directly related to the size of your bankroll and the risk you are taking. To prevent yourself from losing all of your cash when you suffer a losing streak we recommend you only risk 1% to 2% of your bankroll on each wager. However, if you are betting on underdogs with huge odds you may have to be even more cautious and only bet 0.5% of your bankroll.
It is best to start off gambling small as it can take time to figure out a winning strategy and due to the variance in gambling you will go through losing streaks. By gambling small you will be able to absorb these losing streaks and still have funds to wager. Don’t worry if your initial prediction size seems small because as you start winning you can increase your stake and before you know it you will be betting thousands of dollars on every cycling race!

Try A Cycling Bet Today!

With the help of our cycling gambling tips, you are now ready to get in the market and place some cash on your favorite rider. If you follow our tips you should be able to make some profitable strategies. Good luck!