How To Predict Which Cyclist Will Win To Make Profitable Bets?

Are you struggling to win your cycling bets or are just looking for more ways to profit? Then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to break down the most important factors to consider when predicting the outcome of a cycling event.

Type Of Race

In cycling, certain riders specialize in particular types of races. For example, there are riders who are experts at climbing mountains while others are great sprinters or are unbeatable during timetables. By identifying the type of race and the riders who specialize in that particular event type you can instantly narrow the field and find the cyclists who are most likely going to win, and make successful bets.
For example, you research stage 2 of the Tour de France and see that it is a flat stage with zero mountains and has a smooth finish. You correctly identify that this stage is most likely going to be won by a sprinter. You then look through the different teams and pick out the 10 best sprinters and just like that you have a great idea of who is going to win and place a bet!

Rider’s Form

Cyclists tend to go in and out of form so on their best day an average rider can defeat a world champion who is struggling. Due to the importance of the current condition of a rider, it is critical you study the form of each rider before you decide to place money on them. To analyze a cyclist’s form you should look at:
Their ability to keep up with the peloton – When a star rider is struggling to keep with the pack this is a major warning side as when a strong cyclist is in good form they should easily be able to stay with the main group.
Whether they have suffered any injuries – Even minor injuries particularly to the back and legs can cause a champion rider’s performance to plummet.
Their facial expression when riding – Just by looking at a cyclist you can tell how much pain they are in. If you see them breathing with their mouth open and grimacing this is a strong sign that they are not having a good day and are unlikely to win.
Their ability to chase down attacks – A cyclist is in great form when their rivals attack and try to cause a break but they can easily accelerate and prevent any gap from opening.
By looking at all of these factors you will be able to quickly figure which riders are in form and ready to win, and it will help you to make winning bets!

Motivation Of The Rider

The last factor that you should consider before placing cash on a cyclist is their motivation. Motivation can come in many forms but some of the most powerful which can greatly impact the outcome of a cycling race include:

  1. Home race advantage – Riders who are racing through their home country tend to perform above their potential. For example, it is very common for French riders to win multiple stages at the Tour de France as having the home crowd cheering for you as you race through familiar streets can significantly boost your performance.
  2. Impact on classification results – If a rider needs to win a stage to win the overall title or to win the best sprinter or mountain climber title you can be pretty sure that they are going to try their absolute best!
  3. Need to win to keep their contract – Professional riders who need to perform well to earn a new contract will be fully motivated otherwise they risk losing their job.

Consider all of these factors before you decide whether or not a rider is motivated and ready to compete and make a bet!

Bet On Cycling!

If you find a cyclist who specializes in a particular race who is also in fantastic form and 100% motivated you should have no issues successfully backing them to win. Try your luck today and bet on the next big race!