What Are The Best Cycling Races To Bet On?

Are you looking for a new sport to bet on? Or do you just love cycling and want to try your luck at gambling? Then you have come to the right place! We are going to show you the 4 best cycling races to gamble on. Let’s get started!

Tour de France

The Tour de France is the greatest cycling race in the entire world! If you are interested in betting on cycling you can’t miss this amazing event. The Tour de France was first held way back in 1903 and sees riders from all countries battle it as they compete across 21 stages which sees them traversing across France. During this incredible race, you will find amazing mountain stages, time trials, and flat sprint events. The Tour de France is an absolute spectacle that lasts for 23 days and culminates with the riders tearing down the Champs-Élysées in Paris.
This event is extremely popular with cycling gamblers because all of the best teams and riders from around the world show up in peak form for this race. During the event, you will get to see incredible riders from across Europe, South America, Australia, and Asia. Another reason why this event is so popular to wager on is because of the variety of different bets. During the Tour de France, you can gamble on the overall winner of the event, winners of individual stages, and bet on winners of different classifications such as the best sprinter, young rider, or best mountain climber.
If you want to not only witness the greatest cycling event in the world but also access amazing cycling gambling markets then the Tour de France is the event for you!

Giro d’Italia

In second place is the Giro d’Italia which is essentially the Italian version of the Tour de France. If the Tour de France is Wimbledon then you could describe the Giro as being the US Open. This cycling race is incredibly prestigious and any rider who manages to win this marathon event is considered a cycling legend. The Giro is a road race that has been held annually since 1909 and has 21 individual stages and 2 rest days.
How the Giro works is that after completing each stage riders receive a time and then each of their times are added together and the rider with the lowest time wins. Typically it is riders who are very strong mountain climbers who end up winning the Giro because it is in these extremely hilly stages where huge time gaps emerge and often the leaders can separate themselves from the field by 10 or more minutes.
The Giro just like the Tour de France has extensive wagering markets and you make a wide range of different wagers including wagering individual stage, the overall winners, and winners of different categories such as best sprinter and best young rider. If you want to enjoy the amazing view of the Italian countryside while gambling on world-class cycling then the Giro is the race for you!

Vuelta an España

After witnessing the success of the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia the Spanish wanted to get in on the cycling action and created the Vuelta an Espana in 1935. The Vuelta is now considered one of the big 3 road events of the year and is an absolutely can’t miss event for cycling gamblers who are not only looking for exciting action but want to make a variety of interesting prop bets.
The Vuelta is designed just like the Giro and Tour de France and features 21 stages that see the rides traveling across Spain. Gamblers get to take in the breathtaking scenery of Spain and cheer on their favorite riders as battle mountains, slippery surfaces, and winding roads. All of the top teams bring their A riders to the Vuleta which ensures you get to bet on world-class talent.
You can always find amazing odds when placing some cash on the Vuelta. Whether you want to gamble on your favorite rider placing in the top 10 or you want to predict a rider to win a stage it is all possible. Apart from other major contests, the Vuelta has the most extensive wagering markets of any race on the planet!


The last race on our list is none other than the infamous Paris-Roubaix. This race is known for being incredibly brutal and is often filled with major crashes and collisions. This is an incredibly exciting cycling event to gamble on because one minute your favorite rider could be leading the event and the next moment they could be lying in a ditch and out of the race after taking a horrendous crash.
The reason the Paris-Roubaix is such a tough race is that riders have to cycle across dirt which often turns into mud and slippery cobblestones which can have large grooves in them. There are no smooth roads in this race! Another interesting aspect of the Paris-Roubaix is that it is a single-day event where the winner is decided on the same day!
If you want to make some big money backing underdogs then the Paris-Roubaix is the race to bet on as upsets are super common due to it being a one-day event and the likelihood of crashes.

Time To Start Wagering!

Now you know the absolute best cycling races to wager on it is time to try your luck and place some bets. By picking any of our recommended events you should not only make some profitable wagers but get to check out some incredible world-class cycling. Good luck!